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Asphalt Maintenance in New Orleans: Quality Repair and Maintenance For Asphalt Surfaces

If you need quality workmanship and finish in maintaining your asphalt surfaces, we got your back. We do professional work and offer the best asphalt maintenance services in New Orleans area with high-quality specialist equipment at competitive rates.

Big Easy Asphalt provides top-quality asphalt maintenance services for parking lot, driveway, and more.

We specialize in private residential and commercial asphalt maintenance and repair to keep your pavement functioning at its optimum. At the end of every asphalt repair and maintenance project, we make sure we leave the pavement free of any debris.

We can repair any type of damage on your asphalt pavement including crack repair, patching, asphalt resurfacing, and many more.

4 Key Asphalt Maintenance and Asphalt Repair Tips

Asphalt Maintenance Services in New Orleans By Big Easy AsphaltAs trusted paving contractors, we do all the work with no sub-contractors. We can maintain your asphalt pavement, no matter how big or small. We want to maintain and care for your pavement so that it will stay durable.

Asphalt can erode because of many reasons. It has a lifespan similar to other construction materials. When it is near the end of its life and when extreme situations cause damage to it, repairs should immediately be done.

Water, exposure to the sun, oxidation, and heavy traffic can all be reasons for asphalt to erode.  When this happens, we do asphalt maintenance steps to prevent further deterioration.  These steps include:

1.  Surface Patching

A crack on the surface of asphalt pavement and the presence of potholes can be smoothened and addressed by patching. Surface milling is also a recommended step to keep your asphalt pavement’s surface sound.

2.  Crack Repair

We do crack repair for asphalt pavements that need to be sealed from water penetration.  Changes in temperature and the weather in general cause asphalt to enlarge, shrink, and crack. Cracks sealing can help prevent water penetration by providing a seal along the edges and corners to hold the asphalt together.

3.  Sealcoating

We use asphalt emulsion seal-coats to preserve and smoothen the surface of asphalt pavements. We also apply it covered by aggregates for industrial properties and roadway pavements that experience heavy traffic.

4.  Overlays

When your asphalt pavement nears its life, we can do overlays to prevent oxidation and water penetration.  Overlays are a new layer of asphalt that is thick enough to protect an existing road or asphalt pavement.

It is a major maintenance and repair measure that we do for asphalt pavements that have more damaged areas that have been previously repaired. Overlays work best to improve the strength, curb appeal, drainage, and smoothness of asphalt pavements.

We can assess your asphalt pavement for free and let you know the best maintenance measure and repairs that can be done to regain the integrity of your pavement. Contact us for quality asphalt maintenance and repair services at a fair price.

Asphalt Maintenance & Repair: 7 Do’s and Don’ts

Asphalt Maintenance Services in New Orleans From Big Easy AsphaltWe use the best equipment and upgraded skills to extend the life of asphalt pavements. We offer asphalt pavement maintenance and repair services to prevent deterioration and maintain the integrity of asphalt pavements.

Our team will make sure that your asphalt pavement remains good in quality and appearance by following these do’s and don’ts:

  • DON’T allow your asphalt to become oxidized

When your asphalt pavement is exposed to oxygen and the sun’s UV rays, oxidation will most likely occur, especially when the asphalt has no protection. When oxidation occurs, any asphalt surface is prone to cracking because the glue that holds it together breaks down. You will notice your asphalt pavement turning gray compared to the black surface of new asphalt when there is oxidation.

  • DON’T let sprinklers direct water onto your asphalt

When you have sprinklers on your property, make sure that theater from them will not reach the surface of your asphalt pavement. Remember that one of the main culprits of asphalt degradation is water. Water can reach the base of your asphalt pavement’s foundation and soften it. When this continues to happen, depressions and potholes are most likely to occur.

  • DON’T neglect pavement maintenance

Prevent bigger issues on your asphalt pavement by having a professional paving contractor assess or check your pavement regularly. Small issues on an asphalt surface can get worse so timely assessment can mean immediate remedies before greater deterioration problems occur.  

New Orleans Asphalt Maintenance Services From Big Easy AsphaltAsphalt maintenance measures that we can regularly do for you include:

  1. seal coating
  2. crack filling
  3. oil stain removal
  4. pothole repair
  5. striping
  6. marking
  • DON’T always pick the bid with the lowest price

When you are scouting for a paving contractor who can cover your asphalt pavement maintenance like seal coating, crack filling, striping, etc., refrain from picking a company with the lowest price. Lower prices can mean poorer quality of service and poor equipment.

  • DO sweep your asphalt pavement at least once a year

Included in our maintenance services, if you do not have the time to do the job, is regular sweeping of your asphalt pavement. this means sweeping it at least once a year. Sweeping also allows us to inspect the surface of your asphalt pavement for cracks, potholes, depressions, and other possible issues that need immediate attention.

  • DO seal coat your asphalt every three to five years

We apply a seal coat to asphalt pavements to protect the surface of the pavement from oxidation and water penetration. Included in our maintenance services for asphalt is a scheduled regular reapplication of a seal coat every three to five years as a preventive measure for asphalt degradation. This can happen more often for industrial asphalt pavements and other asphalt pavements that experience heavy or constant traffic.

  • DO crack fill as soon as possible

Cracks are openings that will allow water to seep through the asphalt surface. When this continues to happen, your asphalt pavement will eventually have issues like depressions and potholes that will need to be repaired.  Hence, as part of our asphalt maintenance services, we make sure to fill every crack that we notice during sweeping and assessing.

Asphalt Maintenance Cost in New Orleans

The national average cost for asphalt maintenance and repair services is $500 with a cost range of $300 to $1,500. The price will depend on the area of asphalt pavement that needs to be maintained, labor costs, and the materials that will be used for repairs, if necessary.

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Keep your driveways, parking lot looking good and functioning well by talking to our expert at Big Easy Asphalt. You will learn the best means to maintain the integrity of your asphalt pavement so that you will not need to spend on more costly repairs in the future. Our goal is to use preemptive measures to keep your asphalt pavement durable and aesthetically-pleasing at a reasonable price.

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