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Asphalt Removal & Replacement in New Orleans:  Quality Asphalt Repair Services

We have many years of experience in the road laying trade. Our extensive experience comes from serving various commercial, industrial, and residential clients all over the country.

In New Orleans, Big Easy Asphalt had numerous successful removal and replacement projects for both home and business clients that have made our customers happy and satisfied. Our team in asphalt services specializes in the removal and replacement of asphalt pavements to retain the integrity of your road surface.

If you’re in need of quality asphalt repair services in New Orleans area, contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate for our services.

Asphalt Repair Services in Construction

Roads are not meant to last forever. When your asphalt pavement shows signs of damage from normal wear and tear or other reasons, the asphalt will have to be removed and replaced to regain its beauty and functionality.

The surfaces of asphalt pavements will degrade after years of exposure to severe weather changes and traffic. This is why we have specialists in asphalt repair services. Our highly trained team can make your asphalt pavement look new again.

We are experts in all types of asphalt repair needs such as:

Avoid costly liabilities by allowing our team to deal with all your asphalt repair needs. We provide solutions to every asphalt damage on your pavement. We strengthen the base of your asphalt pavement and make sure to do repairs that will prevent future damage.

Contact us today and our asphalt contractor will help you better understand the right repair service you will need to make your asphalt pavement fully functional again.

Conditions That May Warrant Asphalt Removal And Replacement Include:

  • Poor Design

When your asphalt paving was not properly planned and installed, the greater the probability that it will get easily damaged. A poor design can lead to accelerated pavement deterioration.

Asphalt Replacement in New Orleans From Big Easy AsphaltSome poorly designed asphalt pavements easily crack and form potholes that can be hazardous to pedestrians and vehicles. Contact us right away when you notice cracks and potholes on your asphalt pavement.

Our asphalt specialists will immediately fill the potholes to prevent accidents and to make your pavement beautiful and functional. When the potholes are too wide, asphalt removal and replacement will be needed.

Other problems that can be caused by poor design include forming weak areas within the slab. When this happens, you might need an asphalt removal and replacement to strengthen the base of your asphalt pavement.

  • Rigid and oxidized surface

When surface water, environmental conditions, and age have worn out your asphalt pavement, the surface of your asphalt can lose its flexibility and become rigid. This can create potholes or small surface cracks on your asphalt surface. You will need asphalt removal and replacement services when the damage is too severe to be repaired by patching.

  • Failure of sub base

Another reason you will need asphalt removal and replacement is when water seeps into the base of your asphalt pavement. This will eventually cause base failure and may even lead to large potholes, base migration, and alligator cracks on the surface of your asphalt.

The integrity of your asphalt depends much on the strength of its base so when the base fails or gets damaged, full-depth asphalt removal and replacement are needed.

Our asphalt repair services include replacing the sub-grade of your asphalt pavement with quality and stabilized materials with the proper installation of a new asphalt surface.

  • (FDR) Full-depth reclamation or pulverization

If you need a cost-effective stabilizing pavement solution, we offer full-depth reclamation or pulverization with concrete or cement.  Your deteriorated asphalt pavement and underlying base materials will be pulverized and mixed with concrete to create a cement-treated and stabilized subgrade. Our asphalt experts will then apply a new asphalt layer for a clean and beautiful finish.

Benefits Of Selectively Replacing Your Asphalt Paving in New Orleans

When you choose to replace your asphalt pavement in New Orleans area, you will reap many benefits that will make you feel confident about your asphalt surface.  These benefits include:

  • Enhanced Safety

A new asphalt surface will ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles on your asphalt pavement, for whatever purpose it serves whether it is a parking lot, driveway, etc.

  • Customized Thickness

We are specialists in custom asphalt installation that will be based on the primary function of your asphalt surface and the amount of traffic it receives. We make sure that for every asphalt replacement project, the life and performance of the asphalt surface are greatly improved.

  • Stronger Foundation

Every asphalt removal and replacement service we perform assures that you get an asphalt surface that is more durable. We give importance to strengthening the base or foundation of your asphalt pavement to make your pavement last for years.

  • Improved Drainage

The drainage system of your asphalt pavement will be improved when we remove and replace your asphalt. It is part and parcel of our asphalt removal and replacement services.

  • Improved Vehicle Traction

With a new asphalt surface, expect better functionality when it comes to improving vehicle traction to prevent and reduce accidents.

  • Aesthetic Appreciation

A brand new asphalt surface will make your asphalt pavement look beautiful and new.

Asphalt Pavement Removal & Replacement Procedure

A new asphalt pavement that is properly installed will guarantee you a more durable asphalt. Removal of asphalt can be a laborious undertaking when you don’t have the right equipment and know-how. But removal can be easier when you trust us to do the professional work for you.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We assess the condition of your asphalt surface.
  2. Asphalt Removal & Replacement in New Orleans From Big Easy AsphaltWhen we identify the cause of surface failure, we do the best asphalt repair service to deal with the problem.
  3. We do proper removal and use the best technique or method to entirely remove your asphalt pavement.
  4. We strengthen the base and sub-base of your asphalt pavement with high-quality materials and proper installation methods to prevent problems in the future.
  5. We recycle the concrete and asphalt that we removed as part of our commitment to the environment.

Our seamless approach in our asphalt removal and replacement services is guaranteed to leave you with more durable and aesthetic asphalt pavement. We do asphalt removal and replacement for all types of asphalt pavements such as:

Our removal techniques are very up-to-date. This assures you that our workers have been trained with the latest asphalt removal procedures that guarantee the best outcome.

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What Our Clients Say

I am so glad I found this team of professional asphalt contractors to pave my driveway. The crew arrived on time and completed the job quickly with excellent results! They also gave me an estimate before starting which helped ease any fears about cost; their prices are very reasonable for such quality work.

Jodi Mcgregor - Big Easy Asphalt

Jodi McGregor

The team at Big East Asphalt did a fantastic job paving our parking lot and other areas. I would highly recommend their services! They are easy to work with, fast working asphalt contractors that do very professional work.

Harold Johnson - Big Easy Asphalt

Harold Johnson

The work Big Easy Asphalt did for me was quick and efficient. They put down a nice layer of asphalt so my dad’s tractors have more space, which means he can store things inside without worrying about them being covered by dirt or grasses! The guy who did the job kept me updated throughout every step in order to make sure everything went smoothly. Highly recommended!

Kimberly Rodriguez - Big Easy Asphalt

Kimberly Rodriguez

Big Easy Asphalt did a great job on our asphalt driveway. We needed it to link the new home that we just bought, and they really took care of us by doing high quality work. I’m happy with their service!

Michael Howard

Michael Howard

We called Big Easy Asphalt to replace our driveway and front walkway. In two days, they knocked down the old one then installed a stunning new asphalt paving job! I’d recommend them to anyone looking for quality asphalt paving services in New Orleans.

Julia Randle

Julia Randle

The Big Easy Asphalt team was a pleasure to work with. They were quick and efficient, but also super careful in their job so we never had any problems or concerns about what they did for us!

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Clarence Pham

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