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We are your local paving company specializing in asphalt repair services to keep your pavement functioning well and looking great.  Our expert asphalt repair team is dedicated to delivering top-quality service.

Early detection and repair of asphalt pavements is our priority.  We use the best equipment to address all types of damage that can happen on your asphalt pavement.

Our team can deliver on unique asphalt challenges with enhanced asphalt paving techniques. We use specialized equipment that assures efficient and economical delivery of our asphalt repair services.

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We Are Experts In All Types Of Asphalt Repair

Asphalt pavements deteriorate due to constant traffic, weather conditions, and normal wear and tear. We are experts in dealing with any type of asphalt damage like the following:

  • Potholes

When the weather changes, potholes can occur on your pavement. Rain and melted snow can cause standing water that weakens asphalt. The influx of heavy traffic can also cause movement or shifting of asphalt that leads to potholes.Asphalt Repair in New Orleans By Big Easy Asphalt

Potholes are depressions on an asphalt pavement that can penetrate through the foundation if they are not addressed immediately. They can grow larger because of water infiltration.

When potholes are not repaired, they can cause damage to vehicles and can be a trip hazard to pedestrians.

Our repair services include fixing potholes on asphalt. We use quality asphalt patching material for small potholes and high-grade pothole patches for bigger potholes. We make sure that we repair potholes with patching material that will withstand heavy traffic.

  • Deteriorated Asphalt

Sign of asphalt deterioration includes cracks, potholes, an unsightly jigsaw puzzle, depression, and others.  We help maintain the integrity of your driveway and other asphalt surfaces by tackling these signs of deterioration.

We use the right patching compound to fix asphalt surfaces that have signs of deterioration. Our paving contractors do repairs and seal coating with high-quality material to make sure that the structure will regain its strength.

  • Stress Cracks

There are longitudinal and block cracks that can happen on asphalt. We repair small cracks with quality crack sealant to prevent moisture from getting into the layers of subgrade, followed by an application of crack sealing and seal coating.

For larger cracks that are bigger than 1/2″ wide, we provide a long-term solution that will seal the crack and prevent further damage.

Block cracks, on the other hand, happen because of temperature changes and although they can cover a larger area, they can be repaired easily with a crack sealant, or seal coating. For larger block cracks, the best repair is to remove the cracked pavement layer and then replace it with an overlay.

  • Utility Cuts

If you need patches that work on damaged asphalt, we do utility cuts by installing, replacing, or repairing underground utilities. We coordinate with agencies involved to make sure that your asphalt pavement is patched up again with utilities intact.

We use specialized technology to do utility cuts and make a perfect patch to match the asphalt pavement surface.  This will allow the constructed utility patch to perform comparably to the existing pavement that surrounds it.

  • Handicap RampsAsphalt Repair in New Orleans From Big Easy Asphalt

One of the useful asphalt projects that we do is installing handicap ramps to ensure the safety and comfort of handicapped pedestrians. Our installed handicap ramps provide adequate accessibility to individuals with disabilities.  We follow industry standards for the right slope and texture of the surface.

  • Low Spots at Manhole Basins

Low spots at manhole basins can cause damage to vehicles and pose a risk to pedestrians. We have a variety of ways to repair low spots at manhole basins on damaged asphalt pavements with high-quality asphalt fillers.

We conduct inspections as part of our asphalt maintenance services to prevent pooling water on these low spots that can cause further damage to your asphalt pavement.

We make sure that in repairing the low spots, we apply a proper slope in the asphalt installation process to guide the water to the manhole basin.

The best defense we offer for these types of asphalt damages is making sure that they are properly repaired to prevent them from happening again. Our asphalt services are focused on extending the life of your pavement and maintaining its integrity.

Asphalt Repair Process

Our quality asphalt repairs seal any damage and protect your asphalt pavement from further deterioration. Our asphalt contractor repairs pothole damages once home pothole signs are noticed on your asphalt surface.

Every damage on an asphalt surface is different from others. The repair process we follow for a thorough repair on different types of asphalt issues includes the following steps:

  1. We clean the area that needs to be repaired. This is the first step that is as important as the succeeding steps in the repair process. Cleaning makes it possible for the tack coat or the glue that bonds the new asphalt to the existing pavement, to adhere to the surfaces. Without proper cleaning, the new asphalt can eventually crack, raise, or sink.
  2. The tack coat is generously applied to the edges of the pothole or the entire area that needs to be repaired. We use the best technique in applying the tack coat to ensure proper and secure adhesion of the new asphalt.
  3. A dry “Hot plant mix” asphalt is applied, leveled, and compacted. We make sure that the asphalt is properly leveled. Our asphalt repair team does the leveling with precision to prevent movement and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your pavement.
  4. The surface is then reassessed to make sure that it can withstand heavy traffic and it can prevent the intrusion of water. The most important factor that determines if an asphalt pavement is fully repaired is that it can keep the water from entering the subsurface and the foundation.

We are asphalt repair experts focused on keeping your pavement from major distresses. We protect the underlying surface of your asphalt pavement when we do asphalt repairs.

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To prevent further damage to your asphalt pavement, contact us today and you will get the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your asphalt pavement back. We repair all types of asphalt distress and damage from hairline cracks to potholes and other types of asphalt deterioration in residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Big Easy Asphalt also offers a wide range of asphalt services such as seal coating, milling, installation, and more. We are your one-stop-shop for all your asphalt needs!

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I am so glad I found this team of professional asphalt contractors to pave my driveway. The crew arrived on time and completed the job quickly with excellent results! They also gave me an estimate before starting which helped ease any fears about cost; their prices are very reasonable for such quality work.

Jodi Mcgregor - Big Easy Asphalt

Jodi McGregor

The team at Big East Asphalt did a fantastic job paving our parking lot and other areas. I would highly recommend their services! They are easy to work with, fast working asphalt contractors that do very professional work.

Harold Johnson - Big Easy Asphalt

Harold Johnson

The work Big Easy Asphalt did for me was quick and efficient. They put down a nice layer of asphalt so my dad’s tractors have more space, which means he can store things inside without worrying about them being covered by dirt or grasses! The guy who did the job kept me updated throughout every step in order to make sure everything went smoothly. Highly recommended!

Kimberly Rodriguez - Big Easy Asphalt

Kimberly Rodriguez

Big Easy Asphalt did a great job on our asphalt driveway. We needed it to link the new home that we just bought, and they really took care of us by doing high quality work. I’m happy with their service!

Michael Howard

Michael Howard

We called Big Easy Asphalt to replace our driveway and front walkway. In two days, they knocked down the old one then installed a stunning new asphalt paving job! I’d recommend them to anyone looking for quality asphalt paving services in New Orleans.

Julia Randle

Julia Randle

The Big Easy Asphalt team was a pleasure to work with. They were quick and efficient, but also super careful in their job so we never had any problems or concerns about what they did for us!

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Clarence Pham

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