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Our Process

Big Easy Asphalt is dedicated to providing quality asphalt services for clients in the greater New Orleans area. Our process map outlines our streamlined approach that ensures a smooth and successful project from start to finish.


Pre-Construction Meeting and Site Assessment

We will conduct a pre-construction meeting with you, your design team (if applicable), and any other stakeholders to ensure that all parties involved are well-informed on the project. Once we come up with an agreement, our team will assess your property and provide you with a detailed analysis of the existing conditions, including soil type, drainage patterns, slopes, etc. This information will be used to determine the best approach for your asphalt job.


Design & Engineering

We will create a unique design that meets your specific needs and requirements. Our experienced engineers use state-of-the-art technology to develop the most effective solutions for your project.


Installation and Post-Installation Inspection

Our skilled technicians will install the asphalt using premium materials and industry-leading techniques, ensuring high-quality results that last and we will conduct a thorough post-installation inspection to ensure that the job was completed correctly and that all specifications were met.

Asphalt Services We Provide as Paving Contractors

We take pride in providing residential, commercial, and industrial asphalt paving solutions for new constructions, replacements, and preventive maintenance. Our asphalt services include:

Asphalt Driveway Construction

We install quality asphalt driveways for homes and businesses in New Orleans. With an asphalt driveway, you get a durable and aesthetic driveway that is flexible and resistant to cracking.

Asphalt Paving Works

Get a pavement that is paramount in quality from our team of expert asphalt pavement installers. We guarantee that the asphalt we install for you is top quality, flexible, faster-setting, and easy to maintain.

Asphalt Services

We’ve been trusted over the years for our quality asphalt services that provide needed paving solutions. Our services are not limited to paving tasks.¬† We offer complete services for all your paving needs in New Orleans.¬† Here’s what we can do for you:

Asphalt Contractor in New Orleans From Big Easy Asphalt

Make us your partners in your asphalt pavement project in New Orleans and experience a new, durable, and aesthetic pavement that will fulfill the purpose for why it was installed.

Why Choose Big Easy Asphalt Company?

Whenever you need paving services for your driveway, parking space, or other applications, contact us to deliver results that will exceed your expectation. Our team of asphalt installation experts works together to fulfill your needs. Here’s why you should be working with us:

  1. We deliver every asphalt project on time and within budget.
  2. We know and eliminate potential hazards for the safety of our employees and contractors.
  3. We keep our team and the general public safety through the project by imploring traffic management.
  4. We satisfy the requirements of professional asphalt paving maintenance and installations.

Big Easy Asphalt Is The Asphalt Company To Call In New Orleans

We are a paving company committed to keeping your property looking and functioning well with complete asphalt services including installation, repairs, and maintenance. Contact us today and we will assess what asphalt service you will need. We offer a free estimate for every honest inquiry about our asphalt services.

Big Easy Asphalt

At Big Easy Asphalt, we are so excited to be your dependable asphalt business in the heart of New Orleans! Proudly locally owned and operated with decades of experience, our team is devoted to offering incomparable asphalt services to both residential and commercial clients across Greater New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana. Let us help you get started on creating a secure, quality surface for all your needs today!

What Our Clients Say
Jodi Mcgregor - Big Easy Asphalt

Jodi McGregor

I am so glad I found this team of professional asphalt contractors to pave my driveway. The crew arrived on time and completed the job quickly with excellent results! They also gave me an estimate before starting which helped ease any fears about cost; their prices are very reasonable for such quality work.

Harold Johnson - Big Easy Asphalt

Harold Johnson

The team at Big East Asphalt did a fantastic job paving our parking lot and other areas. I would highly recommend their services! They are easy to work with, fast working asphalt contractors that do very professional work.

Kimberly Rodriguez - Big Easy Asphalt

Kimberly Rodriguez

The work Big Easy Asphalt did for me was quick and efficient. They put down a nice layer of asphalt so my dad’s tractors have more space, which means he can store things inside without worrying about them being covered by dirt or grasses! The guy who did the job kept me updated throughout every step in order to make sure everything went smoothly. Highly recommended!

Michael Howard

Michael Howard

Big Easy Asphalt did a great job on our asphalt driveway. We needed it to link the new home that we just bought, and they really took care of us by doing high quality work. I’m happy with their service!

Julia Randle

Julia Randle

We called Big Easy Asphalt to replace our driveway and front walkway. In two days, they knocked down the old one then installed a stunning new asphalt paving job! I’d recommend them to anyone looking for quality asphalt paving services in New Orleans.

Clarence Pham

Clarence Pham

The Big Easy Asphalt team was a pleasure to work with. They were quick and efficient, but also super careful in their job so we never had any problems or concerns about what they did for us!

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