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We are at the frontline of parking lot pavement construction and resurfacing in New Orleans with asphalt. Our dedicated asphalt contractors who have the skill and experience in installing asphalt pavement on parking lots are happy and able to offer speedy and quality resurfacing work for your parking lot.

No paving project is too big or too small for us, whether you need a residential or commercial parking lot in New Orleans. Our asphalt installation and resurfacing experts will provide you with a comprehensive plan for your paving project on your parking lot. We are happy to arrange a site visit for a full assessment of your pavement.

Concrete Parking Lot Vs. Asphalt Parking Lot

As trusted paving contractors in New Orleans, we value our clients and their pavement needs. We provide all the information that each client needs to make a wise decision on the best material suited for the paving project.

If you want to resurface your parking lot or you need to construct a new one, here are the top benefits of concrete and asphalt for parking lot paving needs:

Concrete Parking Lot Benefits

  1. Asphalt Parking Lot Services in New Orleans From Big Easy AsphaltThey perform well even in hot weather because the material is hard enough and will not change in extremely high temperatures.
  2. The lighter color of concrete allows it to have a lower temperature surface during summer.
  3. Concrete parking lots have a long lifespan and are generally low maintenance.
  4. There are many design and color options available for concrete paving projects.

Asphalt Parking Lot Benefits

  1. Fast installation process. Asphalt pavement can be finished in a few days depending on the size of the paving project. But compared to the same area, it takes a shorter time for asphalt paving to set and cure.
  2. Asphalt is better for the environment because it can be reused.  Porous mix asphalt or permeable asphalt can help with water drainage. With concrete pavement, water must run off and must be managed to prevent issues.
  3. Asphalt has a long lifespan when preventive maintenance is practiced. It can last for twenty or more years when installed with top-quality asphalt and workmanship. This makes it a cost-effective solution for pavement needs.

Asphalt parking lots in New Orleans perform very well when installed properly. With our asphalt contractors who are knowledgeable in the best quality asphalt to use in parking lot paving, your parking lot will be both durable and aesthetic.

Parking Lot Paving, Installation, and Repair Services

Make a great impression on your customers or those who see your residential parking lot with properly installed asphalt paving. Our asphalt contractor will introduce you to the processes of asphalt parking lot paving, installation, repair, and maintenance services.

  • Subgrade Surface Evaluation and Installation

For every asphalt pavement project, our expert paving contractor will conduct a site visit for a subgrade surface evaluation. This will allow the asphalt paving team to determine the best method and product to use for your subgrade and if your subgrade needs to be replaced as well.

We make sure that your asphalt pavement will have a sound and strong subgrade. Our asphalt pavement installation process involves the following steps:

  1. Demolishing and removing damaged or deteriorating surfaces (asphalt, concrete, or pavers).
  2. Grading and sloping using the best tools and equipment to ensure that water will run off efficiently.
  3. Preparing the sub base and making sure that it is stable, compact, and able to withstand freezing and thawing.Asphalt Parking Lot Contractor in New Orleans From Big Easy Asphalt
  4. Proof rolling to ensure that the asphalt pavement sub-base is strong.
  5. Undercutting to repair soft spots and installing stronger aggregate material to the sub-base.
  6. Adding a very strong and durable binder.
  7. Installing the new asphalt surface that is clean, smooth, shiny, and attractive.
  8. Butting joints and transitions provide a smooth transition from the old asphalt surface to the new asphalt pavement.
  9. Compacting and smoothing the entire surface of the new asphalt pavement.
  • Asphalt Repaving and Grading

Any pavement can reach its end of life. This requires paving to be redone, especially on parking lots that are often used.

  • Proper Stormwater Management and Drainage

Our asphalt contractor always assures that the asphalt pavement installed will offer long-term cost efficiency by making the structure sustainable. Your asphalt pavement will be constructed to have an excellent stormwater drainage system. The stone bed sub-base is designed so that the water level never rises into the asphalt.

  • Green Asphalt Solutions

The asphalt pavements we install in New Orleans are environmentally safe. We offer green asphalt solutions through asphalt infrastructure on parking lots that can offer your property major cost savings.

  • Pothole Repair and Patching

We help maintain the aesthetic appeal of your asphalt parking lot. We can repair potholes and patch small cracks to make your asphalt surface look new.

We are the best contractor for parking lot asphalt paving projects in New Orleans. Our construction process involves modern asphalt paving methods and techniques. We offer the best asphalt maintenance and repair solutions for all asphalt paved parking lots.

Visible Signs of Paving Aging and Pavement Disrepair

  • Raveling

Our asphalt pavement repair services for parking lots include dealing with traveling. Raveling happens when the brittle surface of asphalt gets washed away diminishing pavement thickness.

  • Cracking

When you see cracks on your parking lot surface, it may have been caused by the expansion and contraction of the asphalt because of variations in temperature. We provide asphalt solutions for cracking issues on asphalt pavements.

  • Alligatoring

The sub-grade of your asphalt can experience alligatoring. External elements like rain can cause unstable and unsupported pavement on your asphalt. We offer repair and reconstruction of asphalt parking lots that have this problem.

  • Potholes

Potholes can cause costly issues if they are not dealt with immediately. Call us immediately if you notice potholes on your parking lot asphalt pavement.

  • A Dreary Faded Color and Texture

Any asphalt pavement will age through time. Parking lot asphalt surfaces are exposed to varying weather conditions and repair and maintenance issues including faded color and texture. When your asphalt pavement has reached its age, we can replace it with new asphalt that is both aesthetic and durable.

  • Poor Stormwater Management and Standing Water

Our asphalt pavement maintenance services include dealing with poor stormwater management and standing water problems. We provide solutions to all types of asphalt issues in your parking lot.

Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance Hacks

Our asphalt pavement maintenance hacks for asphalt parking lots in New Orleans include regular cleaning of surface debris, immediate repair of potholes, and quality sealcoating to give your asphalt parking lot surface a fresh look.

Why Choose Us?

Big Easy Asphalt is your trusted asphalt contractor in New Orleans. We use the best asphalt products manufactured under the highest standards of the industry. Our workmanship proves our expertise in dealing with the maintenance, installation, and repair of asphalt surfaces on parking lots. Contact our office for your next asphalt project on your parking lot.

What Our Clients Say

I am so glad I found this team of professional asphalt contractors to pave my driveway. The crew arrived on time and completed the job quickly with excellent results! They also gave me an estimate before starting which helped ease any fears about cost; their prices are very reasonable for such quality work.

Jodi Mcgregor - Big Easy Asphalt

Jodi McGregor

The team at Big East Asphalt did a fantastic job paving our parking lot and other areas. I would highly recommend their services! They are easy to work with, fast working asphalt contractors that do very professional work.

Harold Johnson - Big Easy Asphalt

Harold Johnson

The work Big Easy Asphalt did for me was quick and efficient. They put down a nice layer of asphalt so my dad’s tractors have more space, which means he can store things inside without worrying about them being covered by dirt or grasses! The guy who did the job kept me updated throughout every step in order to make sure everything went smoothly. Highly recommended!

Kimberly Rodriguez - Big Easy Asphalt

Kimberly Rodriguez

Big Easy Asphalt did a great job on our asphalt driveway. We needed it to link the new home that we just bought, and they really took care of us by doing high quality work. I’m happy with their service!

Michael Howard

Michael Howard

We called Big Easy Asphalt to replace our driveway and front walkway. In two days, they knocked down the old one then installed a stunning new asphalt paving job! I’d recommend them to anyone looking for quality asphalt paving services in New Orleans.

Julia Randle

Julia Randle

The Big Easy Asphalt team was a pleasure to work with. They were quick and efficient, but also super careful in their job so we never had any problems or concerns about what they did for us!

Clarence Pham

Clarence Pham

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