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Professional Asphalt Truck Stops in New Orleans

A stop parking lot is a parking lot where huge traveling trucks can park when they need to take a break from their travel. For instance cargo trucks that need to travel from one state to another need a place to rest for a few hours before finally driving again as the hours may be long.

Parking lots for trucks should be made special to match the weight of the heavy-load trucks, therefore parking lots with asphalt are recommended by us at Big Easy Asphalt services to make sure that your parking lot is reliable and ideal for the big truck that will be parking there.

Truck Stop Parking Lots Require Special Planning

The materials and the structures needed for a quality asphalt stop parking lot in New Orleans should be planned well to get the needed result. Since they will be made for a certain purpose they should be customized according to the need of the truck stop parking lot. If you are planning to build a new truck stop parking lot then know the process first.

How to Plan a Truck Stop Parking Lot

  • Know the Restriction of the Truck Stop Parking Lot

Before you start building it’s good to know the main purpose of your parking lot which is to accommodate huge and heavy-weight vehicles.

This way you can base the elements of your parking lot according to its usage, then you should have an exact parking size, the parking lot thickness, and the space angles. Lot construction parking should pass the restrictions given in New Orleans.

  • Sizing and Spacing

Know the average sizes of trucks so you can come up with a number that you can use to measure the area you needed for your parking lot. Also, know how many trucks will be possible to park in your parking lot then start from that number in determining the area you need to find.

Know the standard size needed for a truck parking lot in New Orleans so you can make an accurate measurement for your parking lot.

  • Create a Layout Guideline

The layout is best to project the appearance and the elements you will be having in your truck parking lot. Consider space efficiency such as parallel parking for better navigation as the truck parked in your parking lot.

90 degrees angle is recommended for truck stop parking and getting a rectangular lot can help you maximize the area. Traffic signage for safety should also be considered in your layout.

Another factor is painted asphalt marking, putting specific markings such as the parking lot for the handy cap and the access aisle should be specified.

  • Know the Security Provisions

Safety is important when making truck stop parking drainage, access rumps, striping parking lot and lighting design should be made on that layout.

  • Check Other Elements

Landscape designs, barrier gates, and emergency call stations should be seen in the truck parking lot as these are needed to keep the safety of the vehicle and drivers.

  • Know About Asphalt Maintenance Solutions

Investing in the best asphalt so you can depend on it for a long time. Asphalt has the most durable component for parking lots, so better contact us for our asphalt service and we can give you the recommended asphalt mix for your truck parking lot.

Asphalt can withstand weather, water, heat, and many more as long as it is made with the right process.

The Importance of Truck Stop Parking Lots

  • Gives a Place for Truck Drivers to Rest

Asphalt-Parking-Truck-StopsTruck drivers usually have long drives and they need at least a good 5 to 6 hours of sleep to have a smooth ride once again. Having accessible truck parking lots can give them time to regain their alertness and have a safer ride on their ride.

  • Avoid Accidents on Long Trips

Trucks can get the rest they need if truck stop parking lots are available, therefore they can rest well and avoid accidents on the road. Since some accidents are caused by drivers who doze off while driving if this can be avoided then accident rates can decrease.

  • Avoid Traffic Congestion

If trucks can have proper truck stop parking then they will not be blocking the road in many instances. Trucks can cause congestion as they have big sizes so having a truckstop can avoid too much congestion as they can park in these areas if they need to do some errands or rest.

  • Increase in Commerce

Shipping goods has become the new norm for delivering goods from one place to another. By having a truck parking lot the revenue in trucking service as well as other industry that avail of their service can be boosted since they have now a place to take a break so they can cover longer travel hours and farther destinations.

Heavy Truck Traffic Expected on Pavements for Truck Stops

Huge trucks can affect the flow of traffic as they can not easily overtake or give way to another motorist. The sizes are large enough to block an entire lane and this can be a problem, plus the fact that they carry heavy-weight cargo then the speed is reduced making it more difficult to clear the way immediately when needed.

Various Types Of Wheel Stops:

  • Concrete Wheel Stops

Concrete Wheel StopsThe use of highly durable concrete is required and this is what is referred to as concrete wheel stops, it is a standard procedure for parking lots.

  • Rubber Wheel Stops

The weight of rubber wheel stops is lesser than concrete wheel stops, they are around 34 pounds and are made of recycles tires which makes them environmentally friendly.

  • Lag Nuts

Lag nuts are utilized to do the permanent or temporary placement. This can be used for concrete or asphalt pavement by inserting a metal anchor into the wheel stop.

  • Steel Pin Placement

In this method, the wheels are pinned down on the concrete or asphalt pavement thru a hole for security.

  • Epoxy Placement

The use of an adhesive is involved in his method to permanently glue the wheel stop to the concrete or asphalt.

  • Commercial Grade Truck Stops

The main purpose of commercial-grade truck stops is to avoid trucks from rolling to structures and other vehicles as well.

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