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Enhancing Curb Appeal: How Asphalt Repair and Resurfacing Can Improve Your Property

Have you noticed cracks and potholes on the roads in New Orleans? Do you find yourself swerving to avoid them?

It’s no secret that the condition of our city’s roads is in dire need of repair. Luckily, there are solutions out there to fix these problems and ensure smoother and safer driving experiences for everyone.

New Orleans is a city known for its vibrant culture and lively streets. However, these streets have seen better days, with years of wear and tear causing significant damage.

From small cracks to large potholes, it’s important to address these issues before they get worse and create more hazards on our roads.

Asphalt repair and resurfacing can be the key to improving the condition of our roads in New Orleans.

By implementing these solutions, we can provide a smoother ride for motorists, prevent accidents, and prolong the lifespan of our road infrastructure.

As experts here at Big Easy Asphalt, we will explore the importance of asphalt repair and resurfacing and how it can benefit our city’s transportation system.

When Should You Resurface an Asphalt Parking Lot?

The decision of when to resurface an asphalt parking lot in New Orleans depends on several factors.

One of the main considerations is the condition of the existing asphalt. If there are significant cracks, potholes, or other signs of deterioration, it may be time to resurface the parking lot.

Additionally, the amount of traffic and usage the parking lot receives should be taken into account.

If the parking lot is heavily used and the asphalt is showing signs of wear and tear, resurfacing may be necessary to maintain a safe and functional parking area.

Other factors to consider include the age of the existing asphalt and any potential drainage issues.

Consulting with a professional paving company can provide valuable insight and guidance on when it is appropriate to resurface an asphalt parking lot in New Orleans. 

Process of Resurfacing Asphalt Parking Lot

The process of resurfacing an asphalt parking lot in New Orleans involves several steps.

First, the existing pavement is thoroughly cleaned and any necessary repairs, such as filling potholes or cracks, are made.

Next, a layer of tack coat is applied to ensure proper adhesion of the new asphalt. Then, a new layer of asphalt is laid and compacted using heavy machinery.

After the asphalt has been compacted, the surface is smoothed and leveled to create an even and uniform appearance.

Finally, striping and marking are done to designate parking spaces and driving lanes.

The process requires skilled workers, specialized equipment, and careful planning to ensure the parking lot is durable and can withstand the heavy traffic it will encounter. 

How Often Do You Need to Resurface an Asphalt Driveway?

The frequency at which you need to resurface an asphalt driveway in New Orleans depends on various factors such as usage, climate conditions, and maintenance. Typically, asphalt driveways require resurfacing every 10-15 years.

However, in a humid and hot climate like New Orleans, where the temperatures can fluctuate and heavy rainfall is common, the asphalt may deteriorate faster.

It is essential to regularly inspect the driveway for cracks, potholes, and signs of wear and tear.

Regular maintenance such as sealing cracks and applying a protective sealant can help extend the lifespan of the driveway and delay the need for resurfacing.

Different Kinds of Repair and Resurfacing Solutions for Asphalt Parking Lots

Asphalt Overlays

One of the most popular repair and resurfacing solutions for asphalt parking lots in New Orleans is asphalt overlays.

This process involves applying a new layer of asphalt over the existing pavement.

Asphalt overlays are effective in repairing small cracks and potholes, improving the appearance of the parking lot, and extending its lifespan.

It is a relatively quick and cost-effective solution compared to other methods such as full-depth removal and replacement.

Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching involves repairing specific areas of the parking lot that are damaged or deteriorated.

This method is less expensive than a full-scale resurfacing and can extend the life of the parking lot.

The process typically involves cutting out the damaged section and replacing it with new asphalt.

Crack Sealing

This process involves filling and sealing cracks in the asphalt surface to prevent water infiltration and further damage.

Crack sealing is an important maintenance practice as it helps extend the lifespan of the parking lot by preventing the cracks from expanding and forming potholes.

It also helps to enhance the appearance of the parking lot by providing a smooth and seamless surface.


Sealcoating involves applying a protective coating to the surface of the asphalt, which helps to protect it from damage caused by the elements, such as UV rays, rain, and freeze-thaw cycles.

This solution not only extends the lifespan of the parking lot but also improves its appearance, making it look fresh and new.

Sealcoating also helps to seal any existing cracks or small potholes, preventing water from seeping into the underlying layers of the asphalt and causing further damage.

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