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The Advantages of Using Asphalt for Your Parking Lot

When it comes to Construction paving parking lots, there are various materials to choose from. Which one is the best option for your business? If you’re looking for durability, affordability, and efficiency, then asphalt might be the way to go.

Asphalt Construction has been a popular choice for parking lots for many years and for good reason. It’s made from a mixture of sand, gravel, and liquid asphalt, which creates a smooth, durable surface that can withstand heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions. In fact, asphalt is known to last up to 20 years with proper maintenance.

If you’re considering paving your parking lot with asphalt, you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with many advantages. From easy installation and maintenance to cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits, there are many reasons why you should choose asphalt.

Here at Big Easy Asphalt, we’ll take a closer look at some of the advantages of using asphalt for your parking lot to help you make an informed decision.

Durability and Longevity

Asphalt Construction is known for being one of the most durable and long-lasting materials for parking lots. The benefits of using asphalt for your parking lot are numerous, including a surface that resists the wear and tear of everyday use and weather conditions.

Asphalt Construction can also withstand heavy traffic, and is less likely to crack or show signs of wear and tear than other materials. In addition, asphalt provides a smooth, level surface that enhances the look and functionality of your parking lot, resulting in better curb appeal and increased property value.


recycled asphalt | Big Easy AsphaltAsphalt is an excellent choice for parking lot construction or resurfacing because it is cost-effective.

The initial cost of asphalt is lower compared to concrete, and it can be installed quickly, which reduces labor costs. Moreover, it requires minimal maintenance once it is properly installed.

Asphalt is also easy to repair and can be patched up easily, which can save you money in the long run.

Additionally, it is resistant to water damage and can withstand heavy traffic, making it a durable option for parking lots.

Overall, choosing asphalt for your parking lot can be a wise financial decision that offers both short-term and long-term cost savings.

Quick Installation

Asphalt is a popular choice for parking lots because of its speed of installation and ease of maintenance in Construction. With a quick drying time, asphalt can be installed in just a day or two, allowing parking lots to be used sooner than other materials.

Asphalt also requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition, but this is relatively simple and cost-effective.

Repairs can often be made quickly and cheaply by filling in cracks and applying a new top coat of asphalt. Asphalt is also resistant to water damage and cracking, making it a durable choice for parking lots.

These advantages make asphalt a convenient and reliable option for businesses and other organizations that need to maintain a parking lot.

Increased Safety

One of the biggest advantages of using asphalt for your parking lot is that it can greatly increase safety for those using it. Asphalt is a smooth and flexible surface that provides excellent traction, which means that vehicles are less likely to skid or slide around, even in wet or icy conditions.

Additionally, the dark color of asphalt absorbs heat, which can help prevent ice from forming on the surface during the winter months.

This helps reduce the risk of slips and falls, and can also make it easier for vehicles to come to a stop in an emergency. By choosing asphalt for your parking lot, you can create a safer environment for your customers, employees, and anyone else who uses your facility.

Environmentally Friendly

Asphalt Private RoadUsing asphalt for your parking lot comes with many advantages, one of them being that it is environmentally friendly. Asphalt is a recyclable material that can be used repeatedly, which means that there is less waste in landfills.

Repaving your parking lot with asphalt can also improve water drainage, which reduces the need for additional stormwater management.

Asphalt can also be treated with permeable pavements, which allow water to run through and filter pollutants; this eliminates run-off that could harm the local water supply.

Overall, switching to asphalt for your parking lot is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and benefit the environment.

Easy Maintenance

Asphalt is a commonly used material for parking lots due to its numerous advantages, one of which is easy maintenance. Unlike other materials, asphalt is relatively easy to repair and maintain, which can save a lot of money and time in the long run.

Routine inspections and simple repairs can easily be done by professionals, ensuring that the parking lot remains in good condition and is safe for drivers and pedestrians.

Additionally, asphalt can also be easily cleaned by sweeping, pressure washing, or with the use of a pavement cleaner, keeping it looking new and fresh for years. Overall, the easy maintenance of an asphalt parking lot can provide many benefits for business owners and property managers.

Long-Lasting Asphalt for Your New Orleans, Louisiana Home’s Parking Lot

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